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25 Years ago i owned my own garage and was prominently known for tuning Mitsubishi Evo and Subaru Impreza vehicles, along with other Japanese 'rice rockets' not to say that we didn't do run of the mill vehicles as well, because we did! But over the years competition was getting more and more and the 'writing' as they say was on the wall! With this in mind i looked at what could be done next, as i still liked being in the industry (a petrol head) 

I like the then 'new' concept of remapping vehicle ECU to gain more power and economy, it was (back then) in its infancy and was very hit and miss, the software and hardware needed was not only expensive but you have to carry so much of it as well, nowadays though, thanks to the likes of companies such as Alientech, Dimsport, CMD and FG Tech reliability and end results have become a much more solid base to work with!
Over these years i was what is classed as 'slaved' to much larger companies, this is still how remapping works pretty much today and what many people don't understand, usually the guy plugging into your car has no clue what he's about to do! He only understands that he 'reads' the information from your vehicles engine computer, he then sends this file to his 'Master' for him to tune in the way you have specified, the Master then emails the file back and the Slave re-uploads it to your vehicle, never really knowing what has been changed, this is fine if all goes well! However, sometimes it doesn't and this is when the Slave needs some sort of experience and training, here lies the fatal floor of most companies, as they basically bundle you up with no training whatsoever and throw you in at the deep end, mainly because for any given Master he probably has a couple of hundred Slaves working for him (charging them per job) so doesn't really care if the odd Slave messes up! (plenty more)

So after many years being 'Slaved' to many different companies, Elite Remaps, Black Code, Regal Tuning and a couple more besides i watched and learnt that they all have faults and when the day came....... with a push from my partner as well to 'go it alone' i decided that the time had come to set up my own Master company and the Slaves that i employ shall be trained properly and efficiently and basically 'know what they are doing' with this approach not only have we grown bigger but we have a very solid team! To me a team is very important!